Thursday, March 17, 2011

Irish Pub Grub ~ Reuben Quiche

I don't know if this actually would be considered pub grub, because it's not terribly unhealthy, but, boy, it is yummy! I didn't know how this would turn out, so I was going to be honest either way. Happily, it's really tasty, so here's the link and some photos!


I made two quiches, so one whole box of rye Triscuits was necessary. Thank goodness for the processor, those little crackers are hard! The double recipe fit perfectly into two disposable pie pans. I made the crusts and got all other ingredients ready last night, so this morning all I had to do was mix and bake.

Layer in the cheese, lean corned beef (I used Boar's Head, and had it shaved) and saurkraut.

Oh, yeah, and more cheese. : ) That makes me happy.

Right out of the oven! (Egg recipes never have the correct baking time. This one said 25-30 minutes, but it took about 45)

Work breakfast! Debbie made red potato hash and some yummy sauteed cabbage. Who says you can't eat cabbage for breakfast?! Just DO NOT come near our end of the building the rest of the day. -_-

Janice made these Strawberry Shortcake cupcakes because she loves us. The filling inside was made with fresh berries and was INCREDIBLE! My personal fave so far!

Chocolate brownie insides and chocolate-covered shaved espresso beans were the highlights of these scrumptious cupcakes. (She made them just for me! : )

So, you can see how I spent my St. Patrick's Day so far. Yeah, yeah, I know. But I'm goin' to the gym right after work...
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