Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wine Wednesday

It made me very sad to recycle this bottle, but only because it was empty. Some of my wine choices (like this one) are made on the packaging & labeling of the bottle ("Oooh, this one's pretty!" "This one has an elephant on it, hahaha!"), with the majority being made on price. I guess that gives way to the truth that I am NOT a wine connoisseur, but an oenophile (love that word!). I'll probably blog ALOT about wine; I love it. So does Becky. And Doris. And Laurie. (my attraction must be due to the company I keep) I go through phases with wine; a few years ago, the sweeter it was, the better, and only white. (I had a weird experience and two day headache from red wine years back, so I swore it off. For awhile.) But the more I read about the health benefits of reds, I thought "For medicinal purposes, let's give this another try." And now I'm a red junkie. Cabernet is not one of my top picks, but I haven't really ever met a wine I didn't like! (I take that back, there's a bottle of Lucky Duck Malbec sitting on the counter that is really pretty nasty. I hope it's no one's favorite.) Foodies Cabernet was wonderful: smooth, not too heavy and chocked full of berry flavor, just like the label said! Keep in mind that the terms I use to describe wine are my little terms, I'm afraid they have nothing to do with actual descriptive words used by a true wine aficionado. Bottom line: Happy Wednesday. Now, on to a new bottle...
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