Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Peanut Lover's Day!

Friday was a Dirty Girl's Club meeting. Saturday: birthday party, then trip planning with dinner in Orlando. Sunday: Baby shower. Yesterday: Pi Day (yep, just "pi", but a great excuse for eating PIE!) & National Potato Chip Day (shout out to Utz, the best on the planet!). Today: Peanut Lovers Day & Pears Helene Day (? I don't know either). Why are there so many reasons to celebrate with food?! I admit the last few were lame (although true), but still, when there's something crunchy, sweet, fruity, salty or fried involved, it's a celebration. Last night I was looking for something different to make on St. Pat's, and found Reuben Quiche. (can't wait to post that one!) Jack wants wings on Sunday (after all, it's BRISTOL, one of only two tracks we've actually been to, so we celebrate a Bristol race like we're Jack Roush), so add more days of celebration to this week's list. But food, mostly because we share it with those we love, should be celebrated: it's a extension of caring, happiness, comfort & well-being. I just wish National Hot Fudge Sundae Day wasn't so far away. Drat.
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