Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yay, it's Wednesday!

There's no better way to get over hump day!
This wonderful wine, according to the bottle, is called Gnarly Head due to the old, untrellised vines that bear the fruit. Although these vines produce fewer grape clusters, the small berries yield concentrated fruit flavors. (ok, so I copied off the label) Anywho, it's super rich and fruity, and kinda spicy. I've been trying to get Jack to try reds rather than his standard pick of Riesling or Moscato (strictly a sweet wine guy), so he gave this one a shot. He picked up immediately on the oak scents ("smells like burned wood", which smells pretty much the same to me), but it definitely wasn't sweet enough. He said, "Ehhh, it's ok, I'll drink it." I thought maybe the plum, vanilla and licorice flavor layers (label again) would win him over, but no luck. Leaves more for me. I love it! : )

14.5% alcohol. Red zin packs a punch!
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