Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Fun!

The weekend started with our girl coming home! (Thank you, Lord, this is just what I needed!) Shopping, fish tacos and a movie on Friday, while Jack and the boys were out shrimping; Saturday morning I made my four miles (yay!) & in the evening, we met with friends (one of our favorite couples in the world!) at Vintage 56 in Rockledge. Ohmygosh, the food and drinks are superb there, and we should definitely eat there more often. Today we visited with fam and friends, ate and watched the race. And ate. And had a few beers. And ate. Since strawberries are in season here in Florida, I wanted to take advantage of using them in some recipes for today. Here are some pics from the weekend, along with links to the yummy recipes. Aaahhhh, what a perfect weekend! I'm going to pretend tomorrow is NOT Monday. 

Macadamia Brie with a baguette at Vintage 56. OMG.

Brenda & Roy! ( I know you're gonna hate this picture, Brenda...the waiter told us it turned out great, so we only took one.)

This is Jack's favorite summer salad. I made it before church to let the flavors blend. Throw all the ingredients together...

Stir and let sit a bit. Fresh and low-cal!

Me and the girl, cooking. I cook, she bakes. Crap, I'm shrinking!!! : (

Jack doing what he looooves to do: make wings!

Getting the strawberry dressing ready for the Spinach & Strawberry Salad.

Again, I'll make anything as long as I get to use the processor!

I didn't add chicken since we were having wings, and I also added low-fat feta. Mmmm!

We put the dressing on top, but the recipe suggests tossing it, which is probably wiser.

This is Strawberry Salsa, which was wonderful. The recipe called for grape tomatoes, but I used Campari tomatoes, which were actually cheaper than grape tomatoes! Strawberries are in season, but tomatoes are NOT!

Piggin' out! (I love Dave's face)

Our gang! Any excuse to party! : )
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