Sunday, March 27, 2011

Over the Berry Rainbow

What a weekend! (again!) Beautiful food and fun (I kicked butt at Trivial Pursuit) with Pete and Annie Friday night (I'll be posting her recipes soon!). Housework and a clean car for the first time in a year (I know, I'm ashamed of myself) on Saturday, along with a cool new Yuengling cooler for the back porch, compliments of a heads up from Patti and Dave - "The neighbor has one that he's putting out at the yard sale. Would you like it?" Ummm, yes, please! Today was a perfectly beautiful day, with family for breakfast after Mass, and a fruitful shopping trip with the Beckmeister (guess where we went!). Fr. Chris gave a lovely homily today about thirst and hunger in our quest for love that only God can give. But thanks to a gracious God, He gives us family and friends along the way, that make us realize his love for us!

These Double Strawberry Scones were today's happy food. Thank you, Lord!

Beautiful berries! Love that Plant City is so close, and we get wicked fresh strawberries!

The recipe called for "freeze-dried" berries to add color, but I used just "dried", and they were fine. (In what department of a grocery store are freeze-dried fruits?!)

I got everything ready the night before, so it only took a few minutes to get it ready in the morning!

Mix both berries and basil into the dry ingredients.

Make a well and add the egg and (fat free) half & half.

The mix is super sticky. -_- If you know me, you know I come from a long line (ok, not really long, just my Grandpa and uncles) of Britchers that DO NOT like to get messy. I don't eat powdered donuts or watermelon with my hands. Sometimes even pizza requires a knife and fork. Sorry, I'm just drawn that way. Anyway, I realized that the parchment paper works for you if you use it to fold the dough over. Duh.

I wanted to use my Pampered Chef small rectangle stone for the first time, but all this dough wouldn't fit! So I got out the well-used pizza stone. Perfect!

They took longer than called for (story of my cooking life), at 25 minutes instead of 16. But they were fantastic! The basil and fresh berries gave these little yummies a nice flavor and moisture, even thought scones are normally dry and crumbly. Worked for me : )

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