Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Welcome back, Wine Wednesday!

Thanks to some wine-lovings gal pals, I'm expanding my limited horizons. What started as a misunderstanding via text message, has gotten me to try some fantastic wines that I probably wouldn't have chosen on my own.

The convo went on for many more messages, and neither of us understood the gist till she said "ok, I got you two bottles". Oooh, now I get it! I thought she wanted my help in choosing, but she was picking me up a few! (Do you see how we confused each other, though?!) Gotta love technology.
I picked this Chardonnay up on one of last month's visits, and it is wonderful! Maybe since I read the label first, whatever it says stays in my head, and as I taste it, I'm thinking "This does have vanilla and carmel undertones!" Sheesh, the power of suggestion. (I bet I'd be easily hypnotized)

It really was lovely, and I look forward to enjoying it again when I'm in a "white" mood.

On another note: Yay, me! FOUR MILES! It took a "good hour" (is that a Dutch saying?), but I'm creeping towards my 5 mile goal. It may even be the one and only time I do it, so keep your fingers crossed. Really.
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