Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kickin' It Greek Style

"Like, I probs had the most todes fab weekend, evs!" Translation: "Wow, I had a really great weekend!" I learned "abreve-ing" pretty quickly; I had to fit in, didn't I?! (it was fun, and the girls thought I was really cool) My new besties of Chi O are awesome girls; I'd mother every single one of them if I could. But they are young women, independent and opinionated, sassy and silly, beautiful and strong, each one of them in their own right, and they welcomed me into their sisterhood with open arms. Friday was the start of an awesome weekend: lunch with my girl, massage, and dinner and the movies with her Big & Twin (sorority sisters), then off to harass her at the OG while she worked. Saturday: Kickball tourney, shopping, food and a movie at the "house" (while we "snugged"). Sunday: Church, a quick haircut, food, and an amazing show of talent from frat & sorority houses, "stepping and strolling", raising money for breast cancer research (Ps. Chi O took 1st place overall!) Phenomenal kids, fantastic work. How can a Mom be so lucky?! If this weekend was indicative of a typical weekend, I no longer wonder why my girl stays sick (sinus infection, chronic exhaustion, etc), I'm SOOO tired. Ok, poke me with a fork, I'm done. Now off to snug with the hub. ; ) 
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