Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One I Actually Didn't Like...

I was starting to think that I really never have met a wine I didn't like, till this one. (and that Lucky Duck one) Ehhh, it's ok; fairly light, which was nice, but not too much actual flavor. (by the way, these were BOGO at Publix this week. I know, I'm cheap) I'd just read that it doesn't matter if wine is stopped with a real cork, synthetic cork or screw top, as long as air can't get in the bottle. Since this one was a screw top, I thought I'd give it a try, to either prove or disprove the old "only Boone's Farm kinda wines have a screw top" theory. So, I guess I didn't really help the cause in defense of finer wines using screw tops, but I didn't really care for it. Will I finish the bottle? Sure, after my good stash is gone. No offense, Santa Rita, it's just my opinion.

Now, on to the FOOT. What is with exercise, injuries, and getting older?! I just got back into a groove, and as usual, I catch an injury. When I did aerobics years back, I suffered a stress fracture in my foot; later, lots of walking gave me plantar fasciitis. But now, the injuries are weirder and more frequent: last spring, knee swelling ended my extremely short running "career" (shut up, Brian). In the fall, an abdominal strain took me out for a few months. And now, a blast from my past, my old friend plantar fasciitis, has come back for a visit (and I just hit a four-mile goal!). So, while I take a break on walking for now (it doesn't hurt during Power Hour, thank goodness),  ice it, and wear this redonkulous looking thing to bed to keep my foot flexed and stretched, I'll just fuss a bit to make me feel better. There. Thanks for listening.

(Please DO NOT enlarge this picture. 47-year-old feet are less offensive in small doses. And are those CANKLES?!) 
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