Thursday, March 10, 2011

Musical Musings

I was born in the wrong era. No offense, God, you know what you're doing, but I feel like an old soul. I know I'm romanticizing, but it would have been soooo cool to have been a part of the "Rat Pack" days: smoke like a fiend, booze to your heart's content, eat whatever you like (a/k/a B.C.- Before Carbs & Cholesterol). When I take my walks, Pandora (love it!) takes me to a smokey jazz bar or a Vegas nightclub; I'm jamming with Frank, Louie, Mel & Sammy. (that's why we're headin' to Vegas this year, baby!) And now that I'm really listening, so many times the lyrics surprise me. I was chuggin' along yesterday, singing (in my head, of course) the words that I knew to "I Get a Kick Out of You", when I heard Louie belt out "some get a kick from cocaine..." WHAT?! LOUIE!!! Those smooooth rascals....and they did it all while we all watched in awe. THAT is the definition of cool.
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